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Jan, 2020

Richie Gray, FL Rush Executive Director, on the Skill Anyone Can Master: Leadership


“Leadership is a set of skills that anyone can master.”

These are the words of Richie Gray. As Executive Director of Florida Rush, Richie understands the position of leadership. That is why this week Rush is showcasing Richie’s perspective as we continue the Core Value of the month: Leadership.   


Although leadership is a skill that anyone can learn, it does develop with experience. And the position doesn’t come without its difficulties, in any leadership role. As Executive Director, Richie has come face to face with many challenges that he has to overcome. One of these challenges is technology.


“Utilizing technology can be a game changer in our business, but getting everyone on-board has definitely been a challenge for us,” Richie admitted. 


As leaders face challenges, it is important to stay true to the values that they hold. 


When asked how he viewed the value of leadership, Richie emphasized the importance of honesty:

“The integrity of leadership is critical,” he stated. “Trust within an organization, similar to between people, has to be earned. Actions will always speak louder than words.”

Richie’s definition of leadership aligns with what Rush defines as a good leader. Trustworthiness, honesty, and sincerity are important qualities of an effective leader.


But, of course, these are not the only qualities.


“Good leaders are able to communicate a clear vision and unite their team around that vision,” Richie continues. “Having a growth mindset, valuing relationships and embracing a culture of continuous improvement are some of the skills that I look for in good leadership.”


Leaders are essential to achieve a goal. Having the right values and mindset is critical to the success and integrity of the team. Whether it’s a team of business professionals, or a team of soccer players.  


Richie believes that leadership can be mastered by anyone. However, it takes practice and experience:


“Like a muscle you can strengthen over time, leadership is a skill you can continually develop. Exercise your leadership muscle every day and you’ll find your circle of influence growing.”

Follow us next week as we highlight ‘07 Rush player, Trey Richardson and his perspective of leadership. You won’t want to miss it!


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